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The Best Places to Charter- St. Martin, St. Maarten, St. Barts

St. Martin St. Maarten St. Barts Map
St. Martin St. Maarten St. Barts Map

The Caribbean islands of St. Martin, St. Maarten and St. Barts located in the northern West Indies are the closest of the "down islands" as opposed to the Virgin Islands. The islands offer Dutch, French and Swedish influence left over from colonial times. All the islands have some measure or are wholly independent.

St. Maarten, the Dutch island is on the southern half and St. Martin the French half is the northern half of the island. The southern Dutch influenced side has the largest airport and marinas where most people would land to join a charter boat. The French side and St. Barts has smaller airports serving only communter planes.

St Maarten Beach and Mountain View
St. Maarten Beach and Mountain View

Both sides have wonderful beaches, water sports, great shopping, night life including casinos and accommodations. Crossing from one to the other is easy as there are no border restrictions on land. The US dollar is used on the Dutch St. Maarten side, the Euro on the French St. Martin.

St Martin View of Marigot
St. Martin View- Town of Marigot

St. Barts is a few miles from St. Martin/Maarten. St. Barts is famous for the celebrities that stay there. That might give you a hint why this is everybody's favorite island in the Caribbean. The natural beauty, many beaches, excellent French and other ethnic restaurants and kindly ambiance enchants all its visitors.

Gustavia in St Barts
Town of Gustavia in St. Barts

Gustavia is the only town on St. Barts. There is shopping and dining along with people watching and yachts galore.

St Barts Beach
St. Barts Beach

St Barts Town View
Another St. Barts Town View

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